Summer Guide 2018

Our team talks what we’re drinking & eating and where we’re doing it this season

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WHERE AM I DRINKING? The golf course. Our little cabin in the mountains. Had a great bar session at Ticonderoga Club not too long ago.

WHAT AM I DRINKING? Clean and crisp whites. Rhys and Ceritas chardonnay, Heretiers Comte Lafon white Burgundy.  We just put a super cool co-fermented Oregon Reisling-Gewurztramier from on by-the-glass at Local Three that I adore. Absolutely bone dry with a lovely bit of salinity on the finish. Big Salt from Ovum in Elkton, Oregon. Just a terrific summer thirst quencher.

A cheap imitation of a Paloma. Herradura reposado, fresh citrus (whatever is laying around), Squirt, and a pinch of salt. Dangerous and this summer’s go to libation.

Cheap beer. I leave that craft stuff to Mussman & Turner. I want a non-hoppy, “just mowed the lawn” beer that is so cold it’s almost a slushy. I want my cheap beer so cold I almost get a brain freeze when I hammer them down.

WHERE AM I EATING? I had a really nice meal at Donetto and the desserts were spectacular. El Rey del Taco, Masterpiece, B’s Cracklin’, El Pollo Dorado. Soft serve ice cream wherever I find it.

What am I eating? Tomatoes, shrimp, tacos, and brisket


— Chris Hall, Chef and Partner 

WHERE AM I DRINKING? I’m drinking anything I can from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. I went to the distillery last Saturday. So, I guess you could say now I’m drinking wherever I can find it!

WHAT AM I DRINKING? Most of the time on my back deck drinking plum and cherry smashes using their single barrel.

WHERE AM I EATING? Wade’s Good Time Emporium. Their Gochujang wings are amazing.

WHAT AM I EATING? I’m trying to eat healthy when I can, but I can’t stay away from great cheese and charcuterie. I’ve been cooking at home a lot lately. Recently made a noodle free vegetable lasagna that turned out great!


— Randy Whisnant, “Whiskey Dude”

WHAT AM I DRINKING? I’m drinking ol one twos (shot of Mellow Corn and High Life Draft) at Victory, Chartreuse Tonics at Kimball House, and Grizzes (mini Corona with Pepe Lopez in the neck) at El Myr.

WHERE AM I EATING? Chimichurri tacos at Elmyriachi, banh mis at Lee’s bakery on Buford Highway, and jerk chicken at Kelly’s in Athens.


— Jack Wishon, Bartender

Jimmy Chio

WHERE AM I EATING? I don’t typically go out a lot these days, but when I do I’m eating all over Buford Highway. I’m really trying to find a ramen shop I like. I’ve been loving Ming’s BBQ lately. Legend has it I got the job at L3 because of my knowledge of “secret menus”.


— Jimmy Chio, General Manager

WHERE AM I DRINKING? Likely at home

WHAT AM I DRINKING? I’m sipping on some Herradura tequila or bourbon and fun white wine or rose with dinner. If I get really fancy I’ll make a “negroni light” aka more gin, less vermouth.


— Ryan Turner, Partner

WHERE AM I EATING? There are a lot of great places to eat. One of my favorite spots is definitely Heirloom Market BBQ. It’s a great combination of hearty southern and delicious Asian flavor. I’m always down for Ria’s Bluebird or Octane on a day off. And when my Jersey family is in town, I like to take them to Local Three, of course, but also South City Kitchen. I’m always looking for a good ramen spot and new foods to try, but consistently you can find me with a nice plate of bar food. Tater tots are life.


— Angela Lisi, Line Cook


WHAT AM I DRINKING? Tequila, probably.


— Sarah Buckley, Events and Catering

WHERE AM I DRINKING? The Juice Box Package Store

WHAT AM I DRINKING? D66 Grenache by Dave Phinney. Languedoc Roussillion, Côtes Catalanes. Totally approachable, velvety with some nice tannins. Some say a little purfumey. Amazing finish!

WHERE AM I EATING? Heirloom Market BBQ. I have been eating at this place for a few years. The food is amazing, especially after floating on the river.

WHAT AM I EATING: Korean BBQ Style Brisket


— Chris Word, Server

WHERE AM I EATING? Tacos La Villa and Pho 24

WHAT AM I EATING: Tacos and Phô


— Logan Kloepfer, Server


WHAT AM I DRINKING? Lately I’ve been sipping and mixing El Jimador Reposado. I’m always drinking IPAs. Sweetwater IPA is a favorite of mine, that and Creature Comforts Bibo pilsner are both perfect beers to crack open by the pool or the river on a hot summer day.

WHERE AM I EATING? Han Il Kwan Korean BBQ on Buford Highway. I brought my mom, my wife and the kids last weekend. My mom had never had Korean BBQ and she loved it! It’s fun, interactive, and an approachable entryway into Korean cuisine. The seafood pancake is a must try! Whole grilled mackerel with just a few slices of lemon on the side…wow! So good.

WHAT AM I EATING? I’m eating as much lobster as I can. My family and I don’t tend to eat it during other times of the year. It’s special in the summer. We also eat A LOT of watermelon. My daughter Jordan is a huge watermelon fan.


— Todd Mussman, Chef and Partner

WHERE AM I DRINKING? Ormby’s and the world famous Northside Tavern because they are right down the street from me.

WHAT AM I DRINKING? Sours and Goses


— Patrick O’Malley, Server


WHAT AM I DRINKING? If I’m out, Lagunitas by the pitcher. If I’m home, a dark and stormy with a splash of Fernet.

WHERE AM I EATING? I always love going to The Porter. Creative and affordable food.

WHAT AM I EATING? If I’m at home in probably eating leftovers on a tortilla. 


— Jimbo Irvin, Sous Chef

WHERE ARE YOU DRINKNG? East Atlanta Village


WHAT ARE YOU EATING? Much like every summer (and fall, spring, winter), I’ll be eating tacos.

WHERE ARE YOU EATING? Can’t tell the whole world my spot.


— Nick Waldorf, Server

WHERE ARE YOU DRINKNG? I don’t really go out much, but when I do it’s to bars/clubs like Hole in the Wall and different spots off Edgewood.

WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING? I drink mostly dark liquor. I like bourbon and Hennessey. Sometimes gin.


— Destiny White, Server

WHERE ARE YOU EATING? El Progreso Taqueria next to the US Penitentiary in Atlanta in Benteen Park. Their chorizo sausage is a killer!


— Carter Vaugh,, Sous Chef