Tuesday, July 24 from 6-9 pm
on the Local Three Garden Terrace Patio
$50 plus tax and gratuity ($66.40 total)

It’s no coincidence that our Heradurra Tequila Barrel Fiesta falls on National Tequila Day. We take our tequila drinking very seriously, so every year we head on down to Mexico to sample and handpick our very own custom barrels right from Casa Herradura to share with you. These barrels are exclusive to our locations and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Event tickets include authentic Mexican-inspired buffet spread and two drink tickets.

Drink tickets are valid for:
– Muss’s Margarita made with Herradura Reposado
– A flight of three Herradura barrel samples including
Heradurra Reposado, plus our two exclusive double Reposados
– Non-alcoholic house-made Tamarind Agua Fresca + Horchata

Tecate and additional beverages will also be available for purchase.





Salsa Rojo & Verde

Tortilla chips

Shrimp Ceviche

Tacos featuring local pork Pastor-style
flour and corn tortillas

Esquites Salad
gem lettuce, cumin lime dressing, tomato, corn, cotija cheese

Elote street corn
basil lime aioli, cotija cheese


Frijoles charros

Fiesta rice

Cinnamon churros


When selecting our tequilas, we choose only double barrel Reposados, meaning these are unique single barrel tequilas, aged in bourbon barrels for 11 months and then an additional month in its own, never-used charred white oak barrel. We also like to look for tequilas with individual character and varying profiles.

COLOR: Pale straw
TEXTURE: Buttery with a viscous mouthfeel
AROMA: Bright, tropical fruit notes with hints of toasted coconut and butterscotch
FLAVOR: Softer, more approachable profile. Very smooth on the palate with a slight peppery finish. This one is an easy drinker, dont expect the typical tequila bite.

“Ruben Not Reuben”
COLOR: Dark straw heading towards copper
TEXTURE: Clean and light
AROMA: Immediate alcohol burn on the first sniff opening up into a zesty orange aroma. This barrel also shows interesting mellow notes of crème caramel with slightly burnt sugar notes and herbal notes of wintergreen.
FLAVOR: More forward and aggressive with an initial bite on the palate. You can smell the alcohol and its more assertive and prevalent.