Our People

Without people, restaurants are simply four walls. It’s the people that make Local Three special: guests, those we work with, and our vendors. There are many places where you can trade money for food. That’s not what we do. We’re in the business of providing people with a unique experience when they dine at Local Three. It’s our people that make Local Three what it is.

The Local Three

Chris Hall

Chris Hall is clearly the most rakishly handsome and debonair of the three Unsukay Partners.

His story begins right around the corner from Local Three at the Pizza Hut on Collier Road, where he worked as a teenager.  Somehow, the magic smell of pepperoni and yeast lured him in and 25+ years later he is  still at it.  Either that, or he is just too dense to figure anything else out…. So he threw some pizzas and moved up the proverbial ladder, eventually landing, while in college, at Philadelphia’s famed Lec Bec Fin where he was begrudgingly taught to cook by an angry Frenchman & his minions. It was a kitchen ripe with talent (and he was too dumb to be scared), so he set off to learning and taught himself how to cook. Some folks, including a few dining critics, claim he never learned to cook, but undaunted, he still kept trying.

Hall eventually headed home to Atlanta in search of bourbon and a Southern Belle. He found both and is still in love with both to this day. He landed at Canoe on his return and and cut his  teeth with Gary Mennie, George McKerrow, Ron San Martin and the gang by the river. It was an amazing time at an incredible restaurant and the most formative of his cooking years; but he always knew he wanted his own place, and if nothing else, to cook what he wanted, however he wanted, whenever he wanted. So after meeting Turnerand Muss, a fast friendship formed and they began talking about a partnership. It was a long winding road to eventually get there, but the seed for Local Three was born. Years later, they opened Local Three to a swell of critical and guest acclaim and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now Hall still cooks, mainly for charity events, but is the partner in charge of the day-to-day operations of Local Three. What’s on the menu, who is cooking and serving it, how we’re buying it, along with a multitude of other things. In all honesty, he is just trying to figure it all out. His true passion these days is to help people in much the same way people helped him in his career. He loves to coach and mentor and is still entranced by the machinations of the restaurant business.

Hall participates actively in a number of charities and is Vice Chairman of The Giving Kitchen. In 2015, Chris, Ryan, and Todd were named Cornerstone Humanitarians by the National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation for their role in kickstarting The Giving Kitchen.

He out-kicked his coverage by a long way and has been married to his wife Julie since 2000 (as well as her alter ego Polly Atomic since 2010).  In other words, he is a roller derby husband. They live in Smyrna, and when he is not in the restaurants, he is golfing, crashing around the woods, shooting at things, and generally acting the fool. Hall loves both kinds of football, round & oblong and is obsessed with Georgia Tech winning a national championship & Arsenal winning the Premier League. He likes Dusty Rhodes, the Dude, a great bottle of wine, a fine cigar, brown whiskey, piña coladas and getting caught in the rain…… But most of all, he is incredibly grateful for the staff, guests, and friends, old & new, who keep the company going.

Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner is usually referred to as the Business Dude.

Since college he has worked in every role in a restaurant from dishwasher to bartender. Turner was the food & beverage manager at East Lake Golf Club prior to cutting his “business teeth” by opening Muss & Turner’s in February of 2005. Since signing his first lease he has been drinking from a fire hose, adjusting and adapting on the fly. Turner has stared down financial disaster multiple times and is eternally grateful to have experienced the not-so-gentle cupping of the Great Recession so early in his business career..

Turner spends his time managing Muss & Turner’s, our Back Office Support team, Marketing / PR and Group Dining sales as well as running point on real estate, legal and financing.

Turner serves as Board Chairman of The Giving Kitchen and was the 2015 Board Chairman of the Georgia Restaurant Association. Turner was named the 2014 Business Person of the Year by The Metro Atlanta Chamber and the Atlanta Business Chronicle in the Experienced Entrepreneur category. He was named a Who’s Who in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2016 Hospitality Quarterly.

He and his partners were recognized as the Georgia Restaurant Association Restaurateurs of the Year in 2011. In 2013 they received the GRA’s Restaurant Neighbor Award for their involvement in founding and launching the The Giving Kitchen. In 2015 the Unsukay partners were awarded the National Restaurant Association’s Cornerstone Humanitarian Award.

Originally from Maine, he attended the University of Vermont, did a term of service with Americorps along the border of Mexico, carpetbagged his way to the Atlanta in 1995, looking for a Georgia Peach, a job, and some warm weather (in that order). He ultimately found all three and now lives in Smyrna with his wife, Shelley, and two children.

Todd Mussman

Todd Mussman, or “Muss,” as he’s known, is a CIA-trained chef who worked with Fifth Group at the Food Studio, South City Kitchen, and Sala before opening Muss & Turner’s.

You might meet someone as knowledgeable about food, but we seriously doubt you’ll ever meet anyone as passionate. From crawling on his belly in the forest foraging morel mushrooms to breaking down whole hogs and turning them into delectable delights, Todd can do it ALL in the kitchen. With his deep knowledge and passion for food plus his good looks, he is usually the one you’ll see on TV or executing cooking classes at our restaurants.

Muss spends his time assisting wherever needed in daily operations while managing Muss & Turner’s East Cobb. You’ll know he is originally from Boston as soon as he opens his mouth. Sorry ladies, Muss is married and lives in Smyrna with his wife, two kids and dog. In his spare time, he loves to spend time on his hunting lease and cooking: his passion for food is not left at work. Muss is a founding board member of The Giving Kitchen and takes an active role every year and executing TEAM HIDI, their primary fundraising event.


  • Eric Broshears
    Eric Broshears General Manager

    It’s about damn time! A four-year veteran of Muss & Turner’s, we’ve been trying to get Eric to manage for us for several years now and we finally lured him over to the dark side with promises of weekends off and Radiohead tickets. Let us know how that works out, Eric…..Before succumbing to Turner’s constant badgering about a career running restaurants, Eric studied video game design at AIU Dunwoody. Eric is truly not only the model of hospitality we’ve always envisioned for our team, but he’s also mastered the difficult task of celibacy, so he’s got that going for him. If we could only get him to grow facial hair…..

  • Ben Barth
    Ben Barth Chef de Cuisine

    Ben runs the daily kitchen operations at Local Three including menu development, sourcing, training and cooking tasty goodness. Here since before day one, Ben came to Local Three straight from the kitchen of Muss & Turner’s after a two year stint there as saucier and sous chef. A Philly native raised in Florida, Ben has worked in every facet of restaurants, from GM to dishwasher to chef. In his down time Ben does underground dinners and searches for velour sweat suits.

  • Gary Scarborough
    Gary Scarborough Pastry

    Originally from New Jersey (we don’t hold it against him), Gary is a self-taught chef who has worked in kitchens from Fifth Group to Aquaknox over the last 20 years. Gary started on the savory side but transitioned over to pastry in 1994 while with Fifth Group. Gary is married with a big family and lives in a mansion somewhere in North Atlanta.

  • Ryan Owens
    Ryan Owens Sous Chef

    After spending 8 months setting off explosives in Kuwait, Ryan traded his hot desert stint in the Army for the hot kitchens of Chili’s, where he found his love for cooking between Triple Dippers and Baby Back Ribs. Ryan honed in on his culinary passion by working as a sous chef for higher-end resturants in Florida, before ultimately making Atlanta his home. With credits as a sous at Empire State South and Seven Lamps, Ryan has made tasty dishes all around town, and we are happy to have at least one happy chef aboard

  • Sarah Buckley
    Sarah Buckley Events & Catering

    Sarah started in the restaurant business at 18 at the local Pizza Hut and hasn’t figured out a way to escape yet.  After a long distance obsession with the band Tool left her unfulfilled, Sarah left the booming metropolis of Saranac, New York (population 4,007 – give or take) in search of better weather & a handsome chef and found both at Local Three. She is now an integral part of our group dining & catering team, and when not booking events for us, she can be found hanging out with her two dogs, Zeus & Zoey and shrieking around the kitchen after one of the sous chefs has scared her. A devotee of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia & The Usual Suspects, Sarah would love to assist you in planning your next event with us.

  • Carter Vaughn
    Carter Vaughn Sous Chef

    Originally  from Dallas, Carter started cooking at age 14 and worked his way up to every position possible in the kitchen. He came up in the Atlanta food scene, studying at the Art Institute of Atlanta for Culinary Arts while cooking at the Cobb Energy Center and Joli Kobe Bistro. Carter has cooked all around the country, with stints in California, Arizona, and North Carolina. He’s previously held the position of sous chef at BLT Steak Atlanta and then 4th and Swift. When he’s not in the kitchen at Local Three, Carter is working on his Harley and head-banging to thrash metal.

  • Andrea Dascanio
    Andrea Dascanio Manager

    Andrea (also known as Dre) is forever a Yankee, even though she moved to Atlanta in 2006. She started as a bus girl in high school and has yet to leave the industry. When she first moved to Atlanta, she worked at night clubs throughout the city. Once that became to much, she found a home at Local Three. You’ll usually find Dre waiting on private parties and doubling as the human intercom system. It’s not that she’s loud – people just have “sensitive hearing.” She’s known for being super organized and clean to an extreme. When she’s not at work, she’s probably listening to old school hip hop (she controversially states that New York makes the best) and R&B, hanging out with friends, or reading by the pool.

  • Alice Price
    Alice Price Catering and Private Dining Sales

    It all started in the second grade. That’s when New Yorker Alice Price planned her first party. It was Power Rangers theme featuring dark chocolate cupcakes. From there, she was hooked, planning events for her twin sister, family and most often, herself.

    Price deviated from her love of event planning in college where she studied Political Science at George Washington University before catching the restaurant bug her senior year. Price hopped a plane out to Portland, OR where she enlisted to perfect the art of drinking Pinot Noir and IPA while working for Bruce Carey Restaurants. Price worked with Bruce Carey Restaurants for 7 years, serving in both General Manager and Event Manager roles before she decided it was time to head back to the East Coast.

    In 2017, Price heard about the Group Dining + Catering management position at Unsukay Concepts in Atlanta, GA. Upon accepting the position, Price says, “I am beyond excited to continue my passion for planning events with a privately-owned restaurant group that ensures outstanding hospitality and local cuisine as the basis of each interaction.”

    Price is now happily settled back on the East Coast with her Pacific Northwest husband, three children and beautiful Doberman, Woodrow Wilson WS Price.

  • Matt McIntyre
    Matt McIntyre Bourbon Evangelist

    Born and raised in the “middle of nowhere Florida” on a working horse and cattle ranch, Matt McIntyre grew up with an keen understanding of hard work. McIntyre’s father, a Master Farrier and horse trainer, later relocated the family to Missouri before eventually laying roots in South Georgia.

    For as long as McIntyre can remember, the men of his family drank bourbon — whether it be Evan, Jack, or Jim. The first bottle McIntyre ever got his hands on was a bottle of Wild Turkey 81. He’s been venturing down the proverbial bourbon rabbit hole ever since. Currently, McIntyre says he’d reach for Elmer T. Lee, Four Roses Al Young, Wild Turkey Master’s Keep and Parker’s Heritage to help wet his whistle.

    Working towards a Certified Specialist in Spirits (CSS) certification, McIntyre credits his gateway to the wide world of whiskey through his experience working at Stockyard, a neighborhood burger and bourbon joint. Learning and tasting his way through his tenure, McIntyre desired to transition to a higher plane of learning, finding refuge at one of his favorite watering holes: Local Three.

    McIntyre has worked for Local Three since 2016, training and working in various roles, most recently appointed as Bourbon Evangelist. McIntyre says, “Working at Local Three has elevated three standards in which I strongly believe: knowledge, confidence, and genuine hospitality. Not only do we have an incredible whiskey selection to play with, I have every resource I could possibly desire. Plus, getting paid to taste and talk about whiskey is enough to keep this simple country boy happy.”

    As duly-appointed curator of the Unsukay Whiskey Collection, McIntyre’s goal is simple: “to ensure the progression of one of the most exceptional whiskey programs I’ve had the pleasure of coming across.”