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Do you want to work for a restaurant group that feels less like a company and more like a family? Do you want to have opportunities to grow and develop your skills – whether you’re a server, cook, or bartender? Do you believe that people matter most when it comes to the restaurant business?

Local Three represents a shared philosophy on food, drink, hospitality and how to do business. That philosophy is straightforward: People Matter Most, Local Is Priority, Seasonal Makes Sense, Authenticity Rules, Quality Governs, Delicious Trumps, Pretense Stinks, Comfort Feels Good, Appreciation Tastes Better, Prudence Sustains It All.

Learn more about our purpose, values, and story here.

*Please take a hard look at these if you are interested. You may have a ton of experience, but if you don’t resonate with the heart and soul of our company, it won’t be a good fit.  We don’t hire on what we can’t teach. i.e. being nice

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L3-Chef Ben Barth by Gregory Miller
L3-Ryan Turner
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