It’s pretty amazing that every year we continue to have the distinct pleasure of writing this message — seven years. It is hard to believe it has been seven years since we opened Local Three. It seems at once like yesterday, and at the same time, so far removed.

It was seven years ago today that Local Three first opened our doors to the public.

Our journey over these last seven years has been sensational. It has been filled with highs and lows, humor and sadness, almost every emotion I can think of, and some I didn’t even know existed. It continues to be an exhilarating, challenging, and never boring ride in the amusement park of life. The overwhelming emotion I feel as I write this is gratitude. We are so incredibly thankful for the legions of people who made Local Three happen and who continue to make it happen every day.

To our incredible staff (past and present): thank you. You are the lifeblood of Local Three. I have said it to anyone and everyone who will listen to me: a restaurant is so much more than simply four walls with some decorations, tables, and chairs. It is people who bring a restaurant to life and give it personality and meaning. We have been fortunate to have a cast of characters at Local Three that not even the most creative of novelists could make up. Thank you for your dedication, determination, humor, and often-maddening foibles. To all of those who have worked with us and continue to work with us: thank you. Your spirit is a part of the very fiber of Local Three. Without you, we are just four walls.

To our partners: thank you. We literally can’t do this without you – our farmers, fishermen, distillers, drivers, salespeople, and all who do their very best to make sure we have the absolute best product we can serve. You are more than simply people who bring us meat, fish, vegetables, and booze. You are a huge part of our success. We are grateful to call you friends and partners. You push us to be better and drive us forward.

To those of you who dine with us, drink with us, and keep this whole crazy enterprise going: thank you. The greatest part of what we do every day is getting to know you and building relationships with you. The biggest reward of our business is the friendships we have forged. We are beyond fortunate to call you guests and friends. When we started this crazy endeavor, I said that we wanted to defy the transactional nature of restaurants. There are literally thousands of places where you can trade money for food. We want to provide you an experience. You have trusted us and allowed us into your lives so we may do that when you visit us. Thank you, and keep coming to see us!

After seven years, we are far from content.

We want to be better every day. From the food we serve, to how we serve it, to what we offer to drink. We are always looking to continue moving ever forward and improving Local Three. We have incredible plans for 2018 and are excited to share them with you over the next couple of months. From twice monthly curated bourbon tastings to an even bigger and better brunch, we plan to make 2018 our best year yet! Come celebrate our anniversary with us this week as we load our menu up with our “greatest culinary hits” from seven years of kitchen shenanigans.

Thank you for an incredible seven years.

When we opened, everyone said we were crazy, “It’s a terrible location, the kitchen is too big, you have no clue what you are doing.” We have defied the odds and are grateful and humbled to be around seven years later. We are honored to be a small part of your lives: to celebrate with you, mourn with you, laugh with you, and break bread with you.

So come by and celebrate with us this holiday season. When you are in, make sure to say hello. We’d love to thank you in person. On behalf of Ryan and Todd and myself, thank you for your amazing support. We are humbled and grateful for seven incredible years and excited for many more. You have all literally helped make our dreams come true.

Here’s to many, many more meals together,

CH, RT, & TM


Anniversary Throw-back Menu:

December 1-8, 2017

Spicy Crab Spaghetti
Beenie Weenies
Mushrooms & Polenta
Duck Cassoulet
Beet Carpaccio
Breakfast for Dinner
The Hungry Man
Spam & Eggs
Hot Chicken Schnitzel
Crispy Cod with Apple Kimchi & Miso Caramel
Bay Scallop with “Loaded” Gnocchi
“Hot Fries” Popcorn


Hungry Man