How We Build the Best Brunch in Atlanta

In order to call ourselves the best brunch in Atlanta, we knew we had to go to heights that other brunch buffets in Atlanta don’t go.

We knew we couldn’t just serve brunch, we had to build a phenomenal experience from the ground-up. Every detail had to be chosen to differentiate us from other buffets in Atlanta, while staying true to our company values.

Let’s break down what that looks like by starting with the location of our set-up.


Instead of serving our spread in a more traditional setting like many other buffets in Atlanta, we opted for a unique set up — inviting our guests to grab their dishes fresh off a buffet made right inside of our 6,000-sq-ft kitchen (one of the largest kitchens in the Southeast). What better way for our guests to experience the heart behind the food than seeing the people actually making it? Talk with our chefs, watch them in action and if you have questions or need something special, just ask!

Guests head back into the kitchen to walk through multiple stations where our team of talented chefs cook up roughly two dozen delicious options right in front of your face. The best brunch in Atlanta served by some of the best chefs in Atlanta = win-win (we may be biased, but our team is pretty stellar).


Then, there’s the food. Naturally, it’s all-you-can-eat and we encourage third and fourth (and more) trips down the line. The best brunch in Atlantais always a complete no-judgment-zone. In fact, in the words of Chef Chris Hall: “Don’t be ashamed, walk through with pride! Eat! It’s a compliment.”

When it comes to the selection, imagine dozens of brunch and lunch items on display. They range from savory to sweet, with our celebrated bacon being the only repetitive fixture, because well…bacon. (Fun fact: we go through roughly 100-lbs of bacon per week between our Saturday and Sunday brunches).

Our variation of dish selections each week is a big differentiating factor that sets us apart from other brunch buffets in Atlanta. Each week, our team collaborates to brainstorm new twists on brunch classics for fans to fall in love with. And even though we’re switching things up each week, we’re not taking short-cuts. We make things the right way, from scratch.

Just ask our in-house pastry team how they hand-cut hundreds of biscuits, mix up muffins or any other tasty pastry offered each week. Or, take our grits for example; other brunch buffets in Atlanta may make some short cuts to make it easier. But, our grits are from right here in Dahlonega, gristmilled with a water wheel and stone.


And if you’re going to serve the best brunch in Atlanta, you can’t forget about the drinks! Local Three is known as one of the best whiskey bars in Atlanta, so we knew we couldn’t skimp on the cocktail selection. In fact, we have an entirely separate menu dedicated just to brunch cocktails.

The menu is complete with mimosas, bellinis, bloody marys, bloody Marias, and less traditional concoctions that may become your go-to. Whiskey breakfast cocktails? Only at the best brunch in Atlanta, my friend.


Local Three chef and restaurant partner, Chris Hall, details the best plan of attack for making the most out of the best brunch in Atlanta in this video. Here’s a synopsis of how to plan your trips to the kitchen:

  1. Scouting run: get small items and scope out the buffet spread
  2. Load a plate with traditional breakfast items: eggs, sausage, grits, etc.
  3. Progress to the lunch items: Short ribs, oven-fired pizzas, shrimp and grits, etc.
  4. Finish with the sweet stuff: make your brunch dessert dreams come true

I know we keep saying we have the best brunch in Atlanta but don’t just take our word for it, hear from the AJC, too. (“The 5 best brunches in Atlanta”) So, if you’re looking for a unique experience with undeniably delicious food for brunch on a Saturday or Sunday at one of the best Atlanta restaurants, look no further than Local Three.

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