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You may or may not know this, but everything we cook up here at Local Three Kitchen & Bar focuses on elements of our shared philosophy: local is priority, seasonal makes sense, quality governs and delicious trumps. If it can be sourced nearby, it is. If it can be made in-house, it is. We believe the best quality dishes require the best possible ingredients. And we believe these fundamental practices help to make us one of the best Atlanta restaurants to fulfill your winter cravings.

So, naturally, as cooler temperatures move in our most current menu showcases delicious and hearty dishes made with seasonal ingredients that will warm you up in the winter months. 

Our founder and chef, Chris Hall, helped us spotlight some of our favorite cold-weather dishes and why they’re winter-worthy.


Meatball, Duck Cassoulet, Buffalo Cauliflower, Brussels


1.)  Colorado Lamb “Kefta” Meatball – We take kefta-style traditional grilled all-natural Colorado lamb and heavily spice it with North African pepper paste rubbed all over and baked (Kefta is a Moroccan term for minced or ground meat). Basically, imagine a super-flavorful Egyptian/Moroccan meatloaf/meatball with lentil hummus, fresh cucumber salad with preserved tomatoes, black olives, and cooling Tzatziki to balance out the harissa. 

Why it’s winter-approved: “This dish is great because you get the heartiness of the lamb/meatball but it is a light set, so this dish is full of flavor, but not too heavy that it weighs you down.” 

2.)  Georgia “Clam Chowder” – This is our version of New England clam chowder. We use cream-based potatoes like clam chowder, but instead of bacon, we use breakfast sausage (imagine Jimmy Dean-style). We then add collard greens (to cut some of the richness), white wine and clam juice, potatoes, a little cream, and cook it all up. Plus, we feature Sapelo Island clams straight out of the shell. We serve it with one-year-aged house hot sauce and cornbread. It’s a must-try!

Why it’s winter-approved: “It’s a hearty, warm dish perfect for winter. A stick-to-your-ribs warm you dish, great for lunch or dinner.”

3.)  Seared New Bedford Dayboat Scallops – We start with beautiful dayboat scallops and sear them in cast iron pans, which makes them full of flavor and not overly heavy. We put the scallops into the bed of the she-crab soup and make a dukkah (a mixture of nuts, herbs, and spices), which gives it crunch with tons of flavor. We finish it off with baby kale in sherry vinaigrette. 

Why it’s winter-approved: “This dish is very balanced, full of flavor, but not too heavy. The sweet and sour of the cashew cranberries give this dish a nice punch of flavor.”

4.)  Duck Cassoulet – This dish came from Local Three’s original menu… as in the OG menu the very first day we opened our doors back in 2010! This is our take on a cassoulet. We confit the duck legs, cure and cook them in their own fat and crisp them up in a wood oven until the skin is beautiful and browned. Then, the bean mixture is topped with breadcrumbs.

Why it’s winter-approved: “This throwback menu item is an excellent option for a cold winter day where you need some warm-you-up tasty food. If you like duck, this is for you. If you don’t think you’ll like duck, try it anyways.”

5.)  Roasted “Buffalo” Cauliflower – Instead of chicken wings, it’s cauliflower – it’s that simple. They are served with carrots, celery, and blue cheese.

Why it’s winter-approved: “This is a fan-favorite for obvious reasons. We can’t take it off the menu without hearing uproar. This twist on a hot favorite is sure to warm you up.”

6.)  Crispy Brussels Sprouts – We make them crispy and delicious unlike what your grandma used to serve steamed or straight out of the can. Our Brussels are served with apples, brown butter, apple cider and creme fraiche. 

Why it’s winter-approved: “We were Brussels before Brussels were cool. These were on our opening menu and have never left because of the high demand. The flavors of the apple cider and brown butter are perfect for the season.”


Are you hungry yet? In addition to being one of the best Atlanta restaurants to visit this winter, we’re pretty well known for our bourbon bar as well (which is sure to warm you up!). 

Check out the rest of our lunch and dinner menu. Go ahead and make a reservation for one of the best Atlanta restaurants in the winter, fall, spring and summer on our website

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