To our valued guests:

On the off chance you’ve been living in a cave or exploring Middle Earth, there’s a nasty virus out there that is getting people sick.

We want to let you know we are very aware of COVID-19 and it’s ramifications, and we are taking it very seriously. Our team continues to closely follow the recommendations of The CDC, Georgia Department of Health, and National Restaurant Association for updates and best practices to prevent the spread of the virus. We also want to let you know that we have proactively taken extra precautions in our daily operations to ensure we create the safest environment possible for our team and guests.

Some examples include:

  • Designating a Serve Safe Certified Sanitation Captain responsible for the management of disinfecting wipe downs of all hard surfaces frequently throughout every shift.
  • Although frequent hand washing is already a protocol required for our staff, our team will share reminders to all staff members often throughout every shift.
  • Access to disposable tissues and hand sanitizers at every entry and exit point for guests and staff.
  • Removal of shared condiments (salt and pepper, ketchup, etc.) from our tables. We will gladly provide salt and pepper upon request and sanitize properly following each guest visit. Ketchup will be provided in single-use ramekins. All silverware will be individually rolled for single use and removed from common area storage/display locations.
  • At Muss & Turner’s we have eliminated the self-serve water and tea station during lunch service.
  • Fortunately, most of our menus are single-use paper menus, however, those that are not will be converted to single-use menus where possible during this time. For specialty menus that can not be converted, our team will properly disinfect each menu after every use.

Our goal in establishing these preventative measures is to act proactively, not incite paranoia. We encourage you to wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds. If you need some guidance, here’s a handy tool that turns your favorite song lyrics into a 20-second hand washing poster: washyourlyrics.com. From Disney to Dumpstaphunk, this has you covered.

We’re relying on our community to navigate this with us. If you feel sick, stay home. But, if you are well, we encourage you to come eat and drink with us. We are taking every precaution to make sure you have not only the tastiest but the healthiest and safest experience you have ever had with us. As always, thank you for your support and trust.

Stay well,
Ryan Turner, Chris Hall and Todd Mussman
Unsukay Concepts Partners